AHE 2015 Conference Papers

Pedro Chadarevian
The new regime of economic growth in Brazil. An analysis of its internal and external challenges

Steve Keen
Modeling Financial Instability

John Hart
It only counts if you can measure it

Gilberto Tadeu Lima
Jaylson  Jair da Silveira
Macroeconomic Performance under an Evolutionary Dynamic of Profit sharing

Jurgita Staniulyte
Role of institutions in national innovation systems of Europe, links to growth and innovation

Michael Roberts
Revisiting a world rate of profit

Cooperative and Conflictual Growth Regimes in Italy:

Thanos Fragkandreas
Two Decades of Research on Innovation Paradoxes: Main Findings and Future Directions

Iara Vigo de Lima
The Marginal Revolution and uncertain knowledge in economics

Mikecz, Robert
Liberalism as Economic Nationalism

Samuel Meng
The Emperor’s New Clothes in Macroeconomics

Robin Latimer
Multiple currencies and their implications for the endogeneity of money

Gonzalo Perez-Seoane
Natural Price Theory: The Bridge Between Positive Economics and the Economic Law

Alberto Müller

Gooding, Tim
Society’s Emergent Behaviour: Neoclassical Economics as Evidence of a Global Wealth Imperative

Joshua Konov
Market Economy under Rapid Globalization and Rising Productivity

Shann Turnbull
Might Supplementary Tethered Currencies Reduce Financial System Risks?

Thoralf Dassler
Economic Value & the Tautology within the RBV of the firm

Autonomous demand and economic growth: some empirical evidence

Zannis Kairis
Debunking the Ideology of Growthism: An Austrian Economics Perspective

Marco Flávio da Cunha Resende
Daniela Almeida Raposo Torres
National Innovation System and External Constraint on Growth

Carlos Mallorquin
The Sustainable Development Labyrinth

Roderick O’Donnell
Colin Rogers
IYLM: A general theory-compatible replacement for ISLM

Roderick O’Donnell
Teaching Pluralist Economics to Expand Knowledge, Reflectiveness and skills

Phil Armstrong
Heterodox views of money and modern monetary theory

Mary Mellor
In Praise of Deficit: Public Money for Sustainability and Social Justice

Germana Bottone
Fiscal Capacity in the Italian context: an Institutional Perspective

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis
Technological change as a contributing factor to the eurozone crisis

Alexandra M. Espinosa
Silvia Gonzalez-Fuenmayor
Jose Ramirez-Alvarez
Stability of the Cournot-Ricardo Solution under Domestic Free Movement of Labor

Toby Chambers
Flat Earth Theory : A Roadblock in Rethinking Economics

Sheehan, Brendan
Growth and Growthers: a study in fervent devotion

Ostas, Daniel
Axel Hilling
Fairness and Legality in Income Taxation: Global Shelters, Legal Pragmatism, and the Ethics of Interpretation

Jon Mulberg
Re- centring nature: towards a new research agenda

Tim Knight
Is there a macro-economically-significant concept behind the expression ‘money’?

Aurto Hermann
The Systemic Nature of the Economic Crisis: The Perspectives of Heterodox Economics and Psychoanalysis

Roger Andrade
Between the Leviathan and the Laissez-Faire: Comparing the Political Philosophy of Keynes and Hayek

Spencer Pack
A Neo-Althusserian Theory of State Formation and its Applicability to the contempory US

Spencer Pack
Adam Smith, Natural Movement, and Physics

Leo Nefiodow
Diana Nefiodow
THE SIXTH KONDRATIEFF: The Growth Engine of the 21st Century

James Juniper
Martin Watts
Initial, Final, and Functional Finance

Alberto Martinez
Growths, Domination, Destruction and Welfare.

Lukáš Likavčan
Reconsidering critical realism: an environmentalist’s perspective