Frederic S Lee Early Career Prize

The AHE awards the Frederic S Lee Prize for the best paper by an early career researcher at the annual conference.

2023: AHE – Frederic S Lee Prize

  • Matías Torchinsky Landau, National University of San Martín (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Paper: “An International Multi-Sectorial Approach to Financialisation”.

2022: AHE – Frederic S Lee Prize

  • Charalampos Domenikos and S. Kotsios with the paper “Controlling GDP and Debt with a Kaleckian Model”
  • Tamoghna Halder with the paper “Caste, Reservation and Social Mobility in India: 1856 – 2017”

2021: AHE Early Career Prize

  • Elaine Tontoh with the paper “A Marxist-Feminist-Capability Theory of Motherhood: Theorizing Motherhood within the Capabilities Approach and Marxist Feminist Social Reproduction Theory”
  • Valentina Erasmo with the paper “The effects of financial inclusion on poverty and income inequality: a simultaneous equation model analysis”

2020: AHE Early Career Prize

  • A S Medha with the paper “Heterodox Economic Policy Outlook: A Proven Boon at the Time of a Global Pandemic”
  • Nicolás Águila with the paper “Assessing the debate on the commodity character of Marx’s theory of money”