Postgraduate workshop 2022

This year’s workshop took place on 6-8 April. For the first time, because of Covid-19, we held the event online over three shorter days, online. Facilitated by the online medium, we slightly diversified our content, for the first time including a session on Diversifying and Decolonising Economics.

Otherwise, in terms of content, the workshop covered similar topics from previous years: ontology, quantitative methods, qualitative methods, mixed methods, social network analysis and understanding the economics professional environment.

Sessions were led by Andrew Brown, Bruce Cronin, Paul Downward, Sara Stevano, and, standing in for Wendy Olsen, Andrew Mearman. Before the sessions, participants also had access to videos created for the sessions, some of which can be found here. Thanks to all the contributors.

Participants also received the e-book version of:

Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Heterodox Economics by Fred Lee and Bruce Cronin.

For more information please contact Dr Andrew Mearman, University of Leeds:

Ontology and Economics

Professor Andrew Brown – University of Leeds
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Qualitative Methods for Economic Research

Dr Sara Stevano – SOAS, University of London
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Social Network Analysis for Heterodox Inquiry

Professor Bruce Cronin – University of Greenwich
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Mixed Methods Research in Economics

Dr Andrew Mearman – University of Leeds
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Quantitative Methods for Economic Research

Professor Paul Downward – Loughborough University
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Professor Sheila Dow – University of Sterling

Quantitative Data Analysis: Practicalities and Case Studies

Dr Bruce Philp – Birmingham City University

An Applied Example of Mixed Methods Research

Dr Annina Kaltenbrunner – University of Leeds