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CfP for 2019 conference

Deadline for abstracts to the 2019 conference is 15. of January.
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Post Graduate Workshop

Call for participants
Association for Heterodox Economics
Funded post graduate workshop on advanced research methods
10th-11th January 2019
Leeds University Business School
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AHE 2018 Full Programme

The quality of ALL papers for this year's Early Career Prizes has been excellent. Congratulations go to the following five winners, who will each receive £150 (see terms and conditions):

Julia Callegari; Guiseppe Maio; Karmen Naidoo; Thi Ngo; Elke Pirgmaier

The following Early Career academics, who have registered for the conference, will receive a £100 bursary (see terms and conditions):

Valeria Andreoni, Alexandra Arnsten, Julia Callegari, Alexandre Gomes, Elena Hofferberth, Regina Kolbe, Lilia Garcia Manrique, Mariana Fernández Massi, Guilio Mattioli, Monika Meireles, Karmen Naidoo, Jaime Nieto, Elke Pirgmaier, Julio Castro Alves de Lima E Silva, Beth Stratford, Jalal Qanas

Thanks to everyone who is supporting the 2018 conference, and who makes these prizes and bursaries possible.

Fred Lee's key note speech at the 2014 AHE conference

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AFEP-IIPPE-2019: The joint heterodox conference where AHE has its conference in 2019.

Envisioning the Economy of the Future, and the Future of Political Economy

A first version of the program is online ( general program and program in details).

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2019 - joint conference with AFEP, IIPE, EAEPE

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Dead-line extended:

for abstracts to the 2019 conference

has been extended to :

29th of january!

CfP and more information

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Scienceconf.org here:

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(Who is responsible for the AHE papers at the joint conference)

Envisioning the Economy of the Future, and the Future of Political Economy
AFEP-IIPPE Conference, Lille (France), 3-5 July 2019
with participation by AHE and EAEPE

Following the Global Financial Crisis and a decade or more of uneven but sluggish economic performance, the signs are that both economic prospects and the prospects for mainstream economics remain bleak even if the latter has strengthened its hold over the discipline despite what are at most token changes to address its sorely exposed methodological, theoretical and applied deficiencies. As a result, this Conference focuses upon how to pursue a better “economics”, a better economy and the relationship between the two. The goal will be to identify the driving forces of the economy of the future and what is changing in the way in which academic disciplines, and in particular the social sciences (sociology, history, geography, political science, law, management, development studies) and various heterodox and political economy traditions within economics, describe, formalise, analyse and conceptualise the economic sphere and its relationships with society more broadly. Thus, the conference will investigate links between the crises in economic theory and the economic and social crises being experienced across the world – links with an immediate economic content, such as finance, inequality and unemployment as well as some major issues to be taken into account envisioning the economy and society of the future, as with ecology and migration.
The Conference is jointly organised by AFEP (L’Association Française d’Économie Politique, celebrating its tenth anniversary) and IIPPE (the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy). Economists, other social scientists and activists wishing to attend should submit proposals falling within the scope of this general orientation, and/or the following, particular list of questions and topics, or other topics in Political Economy.

I. Envisioning the economics of today and of the future

a. Theories overtaken by the changes in capitalism?
b. The social sciences and the future of economics
c. The international organisation of political economy

II. Envisioning the economy of today and tomorrow: multidisciplinary perspectives

a. How do economists innovate to envision the future of capitalism?
b. Multidisciplinary approaches to contemporary market economies (capitalism as a socially
embedded system)

III. From the field of possibilities to utopias

a. Searching for the good society: Alternative visions of the future - economic systems and
b. Between market and utopia: Efficiency vs equality, competition vs cooperation?

Format of the proposals

Proposals (individual papers, complete panels, networks) can be submitted starting November 1,
2018. Web sites with Electronic Proposal Forms for submitting to this joint conference through either
AFEP or IIPPE will be announced then.


- Deadline for proposals for individual papers: January 15, 2019
- Deadlines for various types of panels given on the Electronic Proposal Forms as of November 1, 2018
- Notifications of accepted proposals will be sent to the authors by February 15, 2019

Registration for accepted proposals will be open on February 15, 2019
Preferential registration rate until the March 15, 2019

Following the recent untimely death from cancer of Professor Fredric S. Lee, the Association for Heterodox Economics would like to recognize his unique contribution to heterodox economics. Not only was Fred instrumental in the establishment of the AHE, he also remained a tireless participant in its otherwise mundane administration and a passionate participant in its academic activity.

He was one of those rare individuals whose enthusiasm was inspirational. His generosity of spirit caused him to see the best in others. His intellectual legacy extends across many areas of economics, whilst his institutional legacy extends to all those graduates who had the privilege to experience his teaching and all those postgraduates for whom he was a mentor.

Fred Lee      Fred Lee

Fred's obituary, written by his colleague Tae-Hee Jo, can be accessed via the Heterodox Economics Newsletter number 171. The Newsletter is another now well-established pillar of the heterodox academic community for which Fred was the prime mover. The vibrancy of that community also forms part of his legacy. The Newsletter contains links to a series of other sites with commentaries and condolences via:


We would also like to encourage you to make a donation to the Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship Fund:


Fred will be sadly missed.

The Management Committee on behalf of the AHE


Fund raising event at SOAS, School of oriental and african studies,