18th Annual Conference

Thursday 7th – Saturday 9th July 2016

University of Glasgow

Theme – Alternatives to Austerity


The financial crisis of 2007-08 resulted in the conversion of substantial private debt into sovereign debt as the North American and European financial sectors were bailed-out.  Following dated mainstream economic reasoning, austerity policies continue to be pursued, especially in the Eurozone, regardless of the costs imposed on the most vulnerable in society.  This has brought into sharp relief the inadequacy of standard approaches that emphasise the economy as inherently stable and the incapacity of the current economic system to address its fundamental problems.  The crisis and subsequent austerity policies have also raised a host of ethical issues revolving around the actions of governments, the financial sector, communities, individuals, and, the economics profession.  The financial crisis has further revealed the reliance on conventional notions of growth to sustain mass consumption and as a vehicle for addressing recessionary pressures, largely ignoring concerns over environmental sustainability and increasing inequalities.  In this context, heterodox economics needs to provide a compelling alternative narrative.

We welcome proposals for complete sessions and for individual papers – conceptual, applied and empirical – related to the theme of the conference as well as in all areas of heterodox economics:

  • Theoretical contributions around alternatives to austerity
  • The measurement of the costs of austerity
  • Impact of austerity from the perspective of various schools of thought
  • Country case-studies and empirical investigations on the impact of austerity
  • Is austerity an opportunity to de-emphasise the growth rubric and emphasise distribution and a more environmentally sustainable economy?
  • What are the ethical implications of austerity economics?  Does the financial crisis and austerity signal the end of economics’ reluctance to absolve itself from normative issues?
  • The shape of a new economics
  • Teaching an economics that is relevant
  • Does economics need a new analysis of debt?
  • A new Eurozone configuration or abandonment?

We are especially keen to ensure there are feminist, green, labour and development panels.  We also warmly welcome proposals/abstracts for sessions and individual papers on any other heterodox economic topic.  Refereed and non-refereed options will be available for your paper, so please state if you will want your paper to be refereed.


Abstract and Panel Submission

Please ensure that your submission indicates the track to which you wish to contribute.

The deadline for individual abstracts and session proposals: Monday 29th February 2016. Please email your abstracts to:  The deadline(s) for submitting completed papers – 31st March 2016 for papers to be refereed; 31st May 2016 for authors who do not wish their papers to be refereed.

Abstracts for panel proposals should be no more than 300 words in length.  Abstracts for papers should be no more than 400 words in length

Please ensure that your abstract contains the names and affiliations of all authors.

Applications for bursaries to support attendance at the Conference will be welcomed from early career researchers. There will also be a prize for the best paper or poster submitted by an early career researcher. .  Further details will be released on the AHE website around 1st January 2016.


Following the recent untimely death from cancer of Professor Fredric S. Lee, the Association for Heterodox Economics would like to recognize his unique contribution to heterodox economics. Not only was Fred instrumental in the establishment of the AHE, he also remained a tireless participant in its otherwise mundane administration and a passionate participant in its academic activity.

He was one of those rare individuals whose enthusiasm was inspirational. His generosity of spirit caused him to see the best in others. His intellectual legacy extends across many areas of economics, whilst his institutional legacy extends to all those graduates who had the privilege to experience his teaching and all those postgraduates for whom he was a mentor.

Fred Lee      Fred Lee

Fred's obituary, written by his colleague Tae-Hee Jo, can be accessed via the Heterodox Economics Newsletter number 171. The Newsletter is another now well-established pillar of the heterodox academic community for which Fred was the prime mover. The vibrancy of that community also forms part of his legacy. The Newsletter contains links to a series of other sites with commentaries and condolences via:

We would also like to encourage you to make a donation to the Frederic S. Lee Heterodox Economics Scholarship Fund:

Fred will be sadly missed.

The Management Committee on behalf of the AHE


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AHE Response to INET

Proposed New Economic Curriculum and its Marginalisation of Heterodox Economics

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