19th Annual Conference
July 10-12, 2017
Sustainable Economy and Economics
Dalton Ellis Hall, University of Manchester, UK

The shrinking of the polar ice caps suggests a dangerous rise in sea level by 2050. Declining biodiversity and growing sea pollution indicate that a change is needed in the dominant narratives about growth and profit. Heterodox economics needs to offer a compelling alternative narrative. This conference welcomes submissions of Abstracts which theorise such issues, or do empirical work, or both. Make your proposal as informative and accessible as possible. Click here to submit an abstract. We encourage early-career researchers to plan a Stream, and thus widen their network. Our 3-day Programme is developing.

Our plenary speakers include Prof. Clive Spash (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Prof. Lynne Chester (University of Sydney), Prof. Anwar Shaikh (New School University), and Prof. Ozlem Onaran (University of Greenwich).

We welcome any submission in any area of heterodox economics:

  • Degrowth and the nature of sustainable growth
  • Narratives for a sustainable economics
  • Economics of the gift
  • Country case-studies and empirical investigations
  • Planning for Sustainability
  • Pedagogy for Economics
  • Capitalism and Sustainability*
  • The Eurozone, the Euro, currency flux
  • European Sustainable Policies
  • Sustainable Approach to Production
  • Eco-socialism
  • Rural economics, peasants, livelihoods, and urban/rural well-being
  • Other streams in main areas of pluralist, heterodox economics

* Some streams may undergo a title change as the conference grows

Streams and Papers
A stream is from one to several sessions. Each session of around 90 minutes has approximately 3 papers. We will be appointing Chairs for each session from among the participants.

How to Apply

First, please join the AHE by clicking here. Membership costs £30, or £10 for all concessions. You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Second, propose your paper for this conference by submitting your abstract here by 13th April (Extended) 2017. Please ensure that your abstract contains the names and affiliations of all authors, and a contact email address. You may include References to two key works in the abstract, to create an informative Conference Programme. Length limit 250 words plus references. Please keep a copy.

Bursaries: to apply for a bursary you must be an Early Career Researcher (ECR). The AHE deems Early Career status to be those with ten or less years of experience after PhD completion at the Conference start date. Mark your STREAM or PAPER proposal clearly ECR BURSARY please. The Bursary is £250 maximum toward your travel expenses (show receipts), plus a waiver of the conference fee.

Prize: there is a prize (including money) for the best ECR paper. All papers that are submitted and assessed for bursaries can be considered for a prize.

For bursaries and prizes, full papers must be sent in by 1st May 2017. A rolling reviewing process is taking place. Those accepted for Bursaries will find out by 15th May.

Third, register for the conference by submitting the registration form:

Fourth, book accommodation and pay for the conference:

Please be aware that refunds are available up to 1 June on accommodation only. Final requests for accommodation must be in by 1 June and payments by 5 June.

Accommodation has been arranged for around 40 participants at £50 per night including VAT at the leafy, secluded Conference site, Sutherland Hall and Dalton Ellis Hall, Victoria Park, south of Manchester University, Manchester (see map here). If you prefer you may use other accommodation in the Manchester area, e.g. Ibis Hotel, or B&B rooms. If you have physical disabilities you may book into Sutherland Hall ground floor. The conference venue is Dalton Ellis Hall, University of Manchester.

Prices: the price of the conference is £190 full registration, or £130 for postgraduates, retired, unemployed, low income, or concessions. The price includes two 2 dinners, an online booklet, lunches, and refreshments over 3 days.

How to book: Accommodation and conference bookings is now open. You will be informed, via your registration email address, when bookings are open. Bookings will be first come-first served.

2Key dates: abstracts by 13th April (Extended) 2017.
Full papers by 1st May 2017 for bursaries and/or prize consideration.
Full papers by 15th May for peer-review and inclusion in the Conference Proceedings.
All other full papers by 26th June.

All abstracts and papers accepted will in due course appear in the AHE website

Acceptance in the Conference Proceedings is conditional upon a peer review process, involving revision in some cases. We reserve the right to reject abstracts, but we encourage you to submit your ideas!