25th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics 

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In association with Anglia Ruskin University’s Faculty of Business & Law and The Centre for Pluralist Economics

Bringing together heterodox approaches to economic challenges

Cambridge, United Kingdom
28-30th June, 2023

The 25th annual conference celebrates the plurality in the field of Economics. It will be a space to present, discuss and develop heterodox approaches to the range of challenges economies face. From the global economic crisis to the climate crisis, from political turmoil to cost-of-living crises, there is a need to bring heterodox approaches to economic challenges to the forefront of public debates. We welcome all submissions but will prioritize those specifically in the domains of policy proposals for contemporary problems, methodological innovations, sustainability and decolonising economics.

Confirmed keynotes include Anna Alexandrova, Ha-Joon Chang, Daniela Gabor, Jayati Ghosh, Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Mary Robertson, Crystal Simeoni, Rogerio Studart, and Ndongo Samba Sylla.

The conference is organized in a hybrid format. The in-person venue for the 2023 conference is Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Limited travel support is available for selected early career scholars, partially thanks to funding from the Cambridge Political Economy Society. Early career scholars include PhD students as well as those who received their PhD no more than 5 years prior to the date of the conference. If early career scholars want to be considered for the Frederic S Lee Early Career Prize then they must submit a full paper by May 31st, 2023.

We welcome contributions in the following formats:

Individual paper: A standard conference paper followed by discussion.

Panel of papers: A session comprising several papers on one particular topic. We recommend 3 papers for a 90 minutes session.

Roundtable: A panel of contributors discussing a particular topic. This can include, although is not limited to, focussed discussions with civil society actors, activists, and academic researchers.

Workshop Session: This format is available if an organizer would like to run their own session. Sessions with a broader art/culture focus on the conference themes fit within this format (e.g. display and discussion of artworks/films/performances).

Stream: A series of (any) sessions listed above.

Submit your abstract or session proposal here. The deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2023.

More information about the conference can be found on the AHE webpage. For any questions please mail heteconevents@gmail.com

2022 Webinar

Heterodox Economics Goes Global

Dependencia financiera en América Latina y los principales desafíos para crecer.

Julia Braga

Universidad Federal Fluminense, Brasil

Matías Vernengo

Bucknell University (USA) / Co-editor, Review of Keynesian Economics

Juan Carlos Moreno Brid

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

22 de Junio 2022

14:00 UTC (GMT)

CDMX (México) 9:00 CDT/ UTC-5 horas

Nueva York (USA), EDT / UTC-4 horas

Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), 12:00 BRT / UTC-3 horas

Buenos Aires (Argentina) 11:00:00 ART  / UTC-3

Londres (UK), 15:00:00 BST / UTC+1 hora

Zoom Meeting / El evento será en español y portugués

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Contacto: heteconevents@gmail.com

Financial dependency in Latin America and major challenges for economic growth

Julia de Medeiros Braga

Federal Fluminense University (Brazil)

Matías Vernengo

Bucknell University (USA) / Co-editor, Review of Keynesian Economics

Juan Carlos Moreno Brid

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

22 June 2022

14:00 UTC (GMT)

CDMX (México) 9:00 CDT/ UTC-5 hours

New York (USA), EDT / UTC-4 hours

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 12:00 BRT / UTC-3 hours

Buenos Aires (Argentina) 11:00:00 ART  / UTC-3

London (UK), 15:00:00 BST  / UTC+1 hour

Zoom Meeting / The event will be in Spanish and Portuguese

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Contact: heteconevents@gmail.com


24th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

In association with SOAS, University of London

Crises in capitalism or crises of capitalism: Current issues and transformative solutions

6th – 8th of July, 2022

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For any questions about the CfP or the conference, please write to us heteconevents@gmail.com

AHE’s Academic Officers:

Dr Surbhi Kesar (sk156@soas.ac.uk)

Lecturer, Department of Economics, SOAS London

Dr Elke Pirgmaier (elke.pirgmaier@unil.ch)

Junior Lecturer, Université de Lausanne

AHE MC Members join the QAA Advisory Board for revising the Subject Benchmark Statement for Economics

AHE management committee members Danielle Guizzo and Andrew Mearman have been appointed to the Advisory Board on the UK Quality Assurance Agency’s benchmark statement for Economics, the document that lays out the framework of typical programmes of study in British universities.

Heterodox commentators (including Danielle and Andrew) have previously argued that the benchmarking statement has fallen short in terms of pluralism; however, heterodox voices such as Daniela Gabor and Neil Lancastle made meaningful changes to its most recent version.

The new benchmark presents an important opportunity to diversify economics, in terms of its content, teaching methods, sources of material and students.