AHE 2014 Conference Papers

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Refereed Papers

The AHE referees all conference paper abstracts. Refereed conference papers are also subject to double blind refereeing of the full paper.

Built on shaky ground: the flaws ofneoclassical economics as conventionally taught
Aart Heesterman

The Three fs: from the Great Crisis to the GreatRecession
Alicia Giron

Creditsystem to restore national economies and underwrite the transition toecosocially sustainable GDP, via conceptual biomimicry and fractal dynamics
Andrew Fynn

A financial analysis of monetary systems
Eric Tymoigne

Pseudo Goodwin cycles in a MinksyModel
Jo Michell, Engelbert Stockhammer

Hutchison’salternative to orthodox economic methodology
John Hart

Understanding the conjunction ofcapitalism’s ecological, energy and economic crises for a successful climatechange exit strategy
Lynne Chester

TheIntersection of Gender and Race: A Heterodox Approach to Gender and RaceDisparities
Marlene Kim

The Triple Crisis: An MMTResponse
Martin J Watts, James Juniper, TimothySharpe

Buying power and the triplecrisis
Michael Joffe

Land is central to understandingthe triple crisis
Michael Joffe

Global Imbalances And Asymmetric Returns To U.S. Foreign Assets: Fitting TheMissing Pieces Of The U.S. Balance Of Payments Puzzle
Mona Ali

One money or many currencies
Robin Latimer

Do Labour Laws IncreaseEquality at the Expense of Higher Unemployment?
Simon Deakin, Jonas Malmberg, PrabirjitSarkar

Public goods and commons, some preliminaryreflections
Sofia Costanza

An answer to the triple crisis: a human basedeconomic model
Veronika Poór

Non-Refereed Papers

Argentina: crisis, revival … and crisis again?
Alberto Muller

Economic calculation
Andrew Denis

The “Affluent Society” of John KennethGalbraith and its Relevance for the Analysis of the Problems of Today
Arturo Hermann

The costs and benefits of mainstream economics: An environmental policymaker’s perspective
Bent Arne Sæther

Cédric Durand, European growthmodels and working class restructuring
Engelbert Stockhammer

Alleviating the Childcare Constraintfor Women: Empirical Evidence from the UK
Gabriella Cagliesi, Denise Hawkes

The second economy under socialism andcapitalism
George Hallam

How and why did the Institute of EconomicAffairs gain influence over economic policy making in Britain: a case study ofBasil Yamey’s Shoppers’ Choice.
Helen Mercer

Trusting Keynes! Concepts of Trust and the Political Economy of John Maynard Keynes
Jamie Morgan and Brendan Sheehan

The impact of highcommodity prices on Latin America’s developing countries economies. Acomparative study of Argentina and Brazil
Julio Fabris, Jose Villadeamigo, MauricioCristofaro

Financialization of Ground Rent: A New Versionof ‘Unequal Exchange’
Karen Helveg Petersen

Analysing real-worldmarkets
Lynne Chester

Securitisation, wage stagnation and financialfragility: A stock-flow consistent perspective
Maria Nikolaidi

The Great Stagnation as the crisis of investment
Michael Burke

The potential of heterodox economic spaces and of commons regimes in a no-growth economy 
Nadia Johanisova, Petr Daněk, Eva Fraňková and Petr Jehlička

Undergraduate Macroeconomics as CurrentAnalysis: A Constructivist Experiment
Nick Gomersall

‘Surplus Profits’ and Progressive Land Ownership: A Marxist Perspective.
Nick Potts

Growth without Prosperity
Robert Mikecz

How Does Financialised Pension ProvisionExacerbate The Impact Of The Crisis In Europe?
Serap Saritas

Sovereign Currencies, Competition and the Dawning of the Age of Austerity: An Evaluation of Modern Monetary Theory
Simon Mouatt

Political Economy of Low Female Labour Force Participation in Central and Eastern Europe
Sonja Avlijaš

Are paradigms the answer?
Stuart Birks

Capitalist Variation, Stages of Capitalismand the Celtic Tiger
Terrence McDonough

Shadow Banking and Credit-Driven Growth in China
Yan Liang

From Monetary Theory of Production toCulture-Nature Life Process
Zdravka Todorova