Sites of pluralism in economics teaching

One key issue that has arisen lately is how to ensure an economics curricula encourages students to think critically about the nature of the materials they are provided with and the modern world those materials are supposed to provide an insight into.

There has been growing recognition that economics teaching and research is overly narrow in its content and restricted in its capacity to provide multiple ways of considering a problem. This is not a healthy state-of-affairs for any science. There are, however, many sites, sources and scholars that provide a broader based and more engaged approach to economics. We provide access to some of them here.

Institution / Author Title / Link
The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Background document
Teaching Heterodox Economics The Economics Network
Teaching Resources for Undergraduate Economics (TRUE) The Economics Network
Special Issue: Pluralism in Economics Education Special issue of Int. review of economics education
Alan Freeman The Economists of Tomorrow: the Case for a Pluralist Subject Benchmark Statement for Economics
George de Martino The Economist's Oath: On the Need for and Content of Professional Economic Ethics
Jack Reardon (editor) International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education
Edward Fullbrook Real world economics
In the News Undergraduates at Manchester University propose overhaul of orthodox teachings to embrace alternative theories
Students Students rethinking economics