AHE 2013 Conference Papers

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Non-Refereed Papers

European Work Time Regulation, Surplus-Value and Underemployment: A Cross-Sectional Analysis
Bruce Philp and Dan Wheatley

Markets and Organizations as Common Pool Resources
Peter E. Earl

Generation mainstreaming and participation: are its good tools against young poverty?
Federica Roccisano

The Purpose of Value: Competitive Advantage and the Issue of Tautology within the Resource-based View of the Firm
Thoralf Dassler

Teaching Keynes’ Business Cycle: An Extension of Paul Davidson’s Capital Market Model
John Harvey 

Reconsidering the Ethics of the Stability and Growth Pact: Key implications for European Debt Crisis
Konstantinos J. Hazakis

Divergence between Wages and Consumption in Korea
Minki Hong

The Importance of Demand Structure in Economic Growth: An Analysis on Pasinetti’s Structural Dynamics
Kazuhiro Kurose

Institutional Regulation of Social Territorial Attractiveness
Evgeny Popov, Irina Katz and Zhoomart Omonov

The economics of culture as capital: A critical survey of the idea and its abuse
Edmund O’Sullivan

Keynesian Economics: In Search Of Unnatural Stability
Nick Potts

How the Organization of Economics Prevents Economists from Studying Organizations
Hendrik Van den Berg

Debt, Financial Fragility and Income Distribution: Minskian Stock-Flow Consistent Economic
Models Using Real and Financial Capital
Geoff Willis

Dialectic Wisdom: Adam Smith and the Clerisy
Lorenzo Garbo

Economic Thoughts and Theories of S. Gesell and Local Currencies
Makoto Itoh

Human Motivation and Behavior as Explained by Sankhya Philosophy
Dhan Rousse

Youth Programs and Economic Development: Analyzing Benefits that are Intangible, Complex, and Uncertain
K Maeve Powlick

The effect of globalization on the distribution of taxes and social expenditures in Europe:
Do welfare state regimes matter?
Özlem Onaran and Valerie Boesch

Wage-Labour Nexus, Social Spending and Régulation over the Long Period: From Support to Conflict
Sandrine Michel

Hutchison's criticism of the orthodox view of economics as a neutral, positive science
John Hart

Cycles in capitalism
Michael Roberts

Towards egalitarian categories and measurements: capital, wage-labour and human beings
Toni Prug

The microeconomics theory of the investment: The biggest firms in the Mexican economy
Gustavo Vargas Sánchez and M.E. Albino Luna

Developmental Rent Management Analysis
Christine Ngoc Ngo

Industrialisation and the Triangular Rent-Seeking Relationship between Vietnam, Japan And China in Vietnam's Motorcycle Industry
Christine Ngoc Ngo

The double ponzi: an alternative analysis of the development of instability and crisis in the US economy
Richard Phillips and Laszlo Czaban 

Spontaneous Order and the Collective Individual: Hayek, Socialism, and Public Choice
Guinevere Nell

Okishio Theorem: Japanese discussion and empirical evidence
Sousuke Morimoto

Market, socialism and democracy in an interdisciplinary perspective
Arturo Hermann

Higher Education and Labour Market Dynamics in Europe
Theocharris Kromydas

Work autonomy and employee involvement in the EU – A multi-level analysis
Helena Lopes, Teresa Calapez and Diniz Lopes

It's good to share: job share as a solution to youth unemployment and ageing working populations
Dan Wheatley

Investing in civilization: the science of creativity, the future of society, and the exit from economic crisis
Alan Freeman

The Dissolution of the Financial State
Simon Mouatt

Rethinking the economic properties of human capital: is human capital a private good?
Carolina Cañibano & Richard Woolley

The Limits of Mainstream Economics, From Epistemic to Scenarios: Linking Uncertainty to Business Planning for an Uncertain Future
Michael Jefferson

Why are there so many trees in the forest? An analysis of general mechanisms for coexistence in competitive markets
Henning Schwardt and Georg Schwesinger

A Timely Rhetoric and a Rallying Label: How the Nexus of Contracts Theory of the Firm Helped Tame the Critics of the Giant Corporation
David Gindis

The Relative Survival of Worker Cooperatives and Barriers to Their Creation
Erik K. Olsen

Andy Denis

Uncertainty, Instability, and the Control of Markets
Tae-Hee Jo

Remediable institutional alignment as a causal mechanism of water sector reform
Emanuele Lobina

Corporate Cash Holdings in South Africa: Non-financial Firms’ Speculative Demand for Liquidity
Ewa Karwowski

The Effect of Scarcity Thinking on Human Wants: A Heterodox Perspective
Amir Wahbalbari, Zakaria Bahari and Norzarina Mohd-Zaharim
The full text paper is available from the authors on request, contact Amir Wahbalbari.wahbelbari@yahoo.com