AHE 2012 Conference Papers

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Non-Refereed Papers

Economic Theory: Consistency and Rhetoric?
Stuart Birks

Political Economy of Innovation and Sustainable Development: A Kaleckian-Schumpeterian Synthesis in the Context of Cycles and Crises
Jerry Courvisanos

What Causes Booms
Alan Freeman

Regional Responses to Climate Change: Class, Capability and Dis­integrative Adaptation
Don Goldstein

The Essays in Persuasion of John Maynard Keynes and their Relevance for the Economic Problems of Today
Arturo Hermann

Make Economics Policy-Relevant: Depose the Omniscient Benevolent Dictator
Randall G. Holcombe

Financing Investment under Fundamental Uncertainty and Instability: A Heterodox Microeconomic View
Tae-Hee Jo

Unforgivable Misrepresentation: Deliberately Distorting the Temporal Single System Interpretation Of Marx In-Order To Dismiss Marx’s Value Theory
Nick Potts

Does Labour Market Intervention Lead to Unemployment? What the Data Show
Prabirjit Sarkar

Communomics : preliminary notes, towards a research programme
Toni Prug

Application of Heterodox Economics Theory: Farmernomics and Farmerpreneurship Role in Generating Income Distribution
Riska Pujiati, Iqbal R Fazlurrahman,  Azwar, and  Didin S Damanhuri

The Financial Structure of Automobile Corporations in the 2000s: Towards a More Financialised Pattern
Roberto Alexandre Zanchetta Borghi, Fernando Sarti, and Marcos Antonio Macedo Cintra

Towards a Radical Reformation of Economics Education: Pluralist and Heterodox Perspectives
Jack Reardon

Hierarchy, Market and Power in Capitalism: Conceptual Remarks
Alice Sindzingre

Organizational Sustainability: The Case of Handcrafts Micro-Business in Southern San Sebastian, Jalisco, México
José G. Vargas-Hernández

Explaining Kaldor’s facts: Effective Economic Models Using Real and Financial Capital in a Lotka-Volterra Framework
Geoff Willis