AHE 2011 Conference Papers

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Refereed Papers

The AHE referees all conference paper abstracts. Refereed conference papers are also subject to double blind refereeing of the full paper.

Ontology and Pluralism: A cognitive map of ontologies in economics and the critique of neoclassical economics
Dennis Badeen

Another Variety of Capitalism?: The Australian mode of Régulation
Lynne Chester

The emperor’s new clothes? Is “sustainability economics” a useful alternative to “ecological economics” or a regression to “environmental economics”
Sylvie Geisendorf

From accumulation to disaccumulation
Brian Grogan

Exploitation re-visited: New forms, same ideologies?
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger and Hardy Hanappi

Technical Change in sub-Saharan Smallholder Agriculture – Induced, Diffused or Systemic Innovations?
Mats Hårsmar

The Dynamic of Business Cycle in Kalecki’s Theory: Duality in the Nature of Investment
Farzad Javidanrad

Agency Problems of Asset-Embodied-Agents: Evidence from Recurring Financial Crises
Apalak Khatua and Amit Jyoti Sen

Work, Unemployment and overqualification in UK: The measurement trap
Theocharis Kromydas

Mimetic Desire or the Missing Self at the Core of the Psychological Foundations of Choice
Pierre Lacour

The Synthesis of Various Economics: An all-in-one solution
Bin Li

When the textbook is wrong
Jacky Mallett

The spatial restructuring of work and maquiladoras of the auto industry
Fidelma Murphy and Terry McDonough

Epistemic Democracy and Pluralism in Economics
Ioana Negru

Modeling the Economic Surplus in a SAM Framework
Erik Olsen

Risk and Modern Finance Theory: A non-mathematical analysis of mathematical models
Karen Helveg Petersen

A Transdiscipinary Approach to Sovereign Debt
Marc Pilkington

The Economist as Shaman: Revisioning Our Role for a Sustainable, Provisioning Economy
Molly Scott Cato

Capitalism isn’t working: Balancing the Accumulation and Disintegration of Financial, Social and Environmental Capitals
Molly Scott Cato

Gerald A. Cohen (1941-2009): An Intellectual Journey Through radical Thought
Fabien Tarrit

Non-Refereed Papers

From Gross Misconduct to Responsible Behaviour: A Dream that Necessitates Realisticness
Vinca Bigo

The Australian Approach to Research Evaluation
Harry Bloch

Public Debt, Stablization and Financial Regulation
Eugenia Correa and Gregorio Vidal

Arbitrage Sequences and Leijohufved's Corridor
Rod Cross, Victor Kozyakin, Dany Lang, Brian O’Callaghan, Alexei Pokrovskii and Alexey Pokrovskiy

Junk Economics and the Manufacturing of a Crisis
Radhika Desai

Does associational behaviour raise social capital? A cross country analysis of trust
Paul Downward, Tim Pawlowski and Simona Rasciute

A Veblenian Analysis of Neo-nationalism and Essentialization in Europe
Quentin Duroy

More Ideology than Heat – Mirowski’s “More heat than light” revisited
Anders Ekeland

The digital traces of society ? the way forward for Quantitative Marxism?
Anders Ekeland

The argentine “productive model“. Strengths and weakness of a heterodox economic model
Julio Fabris and José Villadeamigo

A code of conduct for Economists
Alan Freeman and Andy Denis

Pluralism and heterodoxy: the case of the Review of Radical Political Economics
Alan Freeman and Julian Wells

Organising Debt Swap as Political Bricolage
Ali Riza Güngen

Frank Knight: An Unexpected Critic
John Hart

Are we working at the same place? Perceptions of workplace practices and labor retention in early care and education
Lynn Hatch

What Policies for Economic and Social Crises: Insights from Institutionalism, Keynesian Macroeconomics and Psychoanalysis
Arturo Hermann

Firms as Knowledge Repositories
Randall Holcombe

The Economic Cultures of Fear and Love
Frederic Jennings, Jr.

Atoms, Bits and Wits: The Elements of Economics
Frederic Jennings, Jr.

A simple model of bubble formation
Michael Joffe

Does economics need to be reconstructed at the core?
Michael Joffe

Feeding the developing world with sustainable agricultural methods
Wasiq Khan

Heterodox surplus approach: production prices and value theory
Fred Lee

Structure and Organization of Economic Activity
Fred Lee

Institutional Transformation and Changes in Corporate Governance: The Case of Asia
Ji-Yong Lee

Surplus-value and aggregate concentration in the UK economy, 1987-2009
Vitor Leone and Bruce Philp

Institutions and Development: The LDCs’ perspective.
Francesca Lipari

The value of the US dollar in the current exchange rate crisis
Jean-Guy Loranger

Analysis of Structural Changes in Canada: A Macroeconomic Model Based on a Heterodox Approach
Jean-Guy Loranger and Gérard Boismenu

The 2008-2010 crisis in Mexico
Abelardo Mariña-Flores

Subprime crisis: Analysis using Financial Sector Balances
Max Maurin

Social Partnerships and the Irish Crisis
Terry McDonough and Tony Dundon

The confusing world of modern monetary theory
Mary Mellor

Demand, Structural Interdependence and Economic Provisioning
Gary Mongiovi

Credit Cycles: Freewheeling or Driven?
Simon Mouatt

An Empirical Investigation Into The UK Profit Rate, 1949-2003
Shir Ali Narouei

Informality and Institutional Change in Child Labour: An Indian Case Study
Wendy Olsen and Samantha Watson

Towards a microeconomic theory for intangibles
Edmund O'Sullivan

The Missing C That Threatens To Flood Us All
Nick Potts

Family Allowances, Paid Parental Leave and Middle-Class Children
Steven Pressman

Pluralism at Work: Alumni Assess an Economics Education
Elizabeth Ramey and Brian Cooper

A wannabe speculative approach to the self-interest concept
Abilio Rodríguez Toimil

Capital accumulation and the occupation of global markets
Rubens Sawaya

Regulating the Global Financial System: The Challenge of the 21st Century
Brendan Sheehan

Economic Thinking and Ethics: an Ethical Approach for Economics Issues
Sebastian Thieme

Comparing Pension Systems in the Circular Flow of Income
Andrew Trigg and Jonquil Lowe

A Reflexive Sociological Case for Heterodoxy
Henrik Van den Berg

The crisis of CEMEX Transnational Mexican Firm, a Post Keynesian analysis
Gustavo Vargas, Mtro. Albino Luna

Sustainable and efficient organizations
José Vargas-Hernández

Missing Concepts in Mainstream Economics
David Wells

Work, Inequality and the Dual Career Household
Dan Wheatley and Zhongmin Wu

Human and resource economic system – a model for sustainable development
Hares Youssef, Yurij Riphyak and Maksym Putiy