AHE 2010 Conference Papers

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Non-Refereed Papers

Detecting Ponzi Finance: An Evolutionary Approach to the Measure of Financial Fragility
Eric Tymoigne

Regional, Socio-Economic and Demographic Vulnerability to Climate Change and Extreme Events in Baja California Sur, Mexico: Overview and Research Programme
Manuel Angeles, Antonina Ivanova and Alba E. Gámez

Ecoinnovations: a response to the Aquitaine wood filière irreversibility?
Marie-Claude Bélis-Bergouignan and Rachel Levy

Measuring entrepreneurs' social networks and their economic impact in an informal African urban economy

Empowerment and Feminism: Fostering Progressive Alternatives or Neoliberal Agendas
Carole Biewener and Marie-Hélène Bacqué

Financial Crisis and Post Keynesian Financial Reform
Bokhyun Cho

American Ethnography and the Underground Economy of the Urban Poor: A Critical Review
David Diallo

What is a 'law of motion' in economics? A critique of positivist crisis theory
Alan Freeman

Topsy-Turvy: A note on Supply and Demand
Stefan Arne Kesting

Toward a Materialist Theory of Knowledge in Economics
Serhat Kologlugil

Social Surplus Approach and Heterodox Economics
Frederic S. Lee and Tae-Hee Jo

Marx and Sraffa Against Neoclassics: a suggested strategy
Tiago Camarinha Lopes

Theoretical and Institutional Aspects: A proposal for a conceptual delimitation of public banks
Ana Mendonça

Marx And The Crisis
Nick Potts

Paradigm-Consistent Expectations: Post Keynesianism VS Orthodoxy
Rod O'Donnell

A Note on the Conception of Competition in Minsky's Financial Instability Hypothesis
Susan K. Schroeder

The Keynesian Revival: a Marxian Critique
Richard D. Wolff

Social networks and access to resources in the development of informal enterprise: life stories of entrepreneurs in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina-Faso)
J.-P. Berrou and Claire Gondard- Delcroix

Natural heritage in a coastal area, the example of Bassin of Arcachon: various conventions and land-use conflicts.
Clarisse Cazal and Marie Lemarié

Understanding the socio-economic impact of actually existing markets: An analytical framework for empirical research
Lynne Chester

Making a livelihood in (and beyond) the African city: the experience of Zimbabwe
Deborah Potts

A Century of Methodological Individualism Part 3: the case of analytical Marxism
Andy Denis

Thinking Of Economics from the Psychology of Happiness Perspective
Renaud Gaucher

The political economy of micro entrepreneurship for women: why does microfinance fail to promote self-employment in rural south-India?
Isabelle Guérin

Keynesian Economics, Class Hegemony and the History of the US since the Great Depression
Michael Hillard and Richard McIntyre

Rates of Exploitation, Income Distribution and Varieties of Capitalism in Transition Economies: What Would Karl Marx Said?

Christianity versus Alternative Faith Bases: A Parody
Andrew Kliman

Conference Paper to the 12th Conference of the Association of Heterodox Economics
Sojin Lim

Financialization and credit in Latin America: the diverging experiences of Mexico and Brazil
Eugenia Correa, Wesley Marshall and Gregorio Vidal

Capitalism's Bleak Landscapes of Scarcity: A Brief Overview of Globalization, Consumerism and Environmental Degradation
Costas Panayotakis

Breakdown of the Trade liberalisation-Development Linkage in Africa: The exceptional Mauritian case
Taruna Shalini Ramessur

Contesting the social impacts of neoliberal trade and competition policies
Patricia Ranald

Supplanting the Holy Trinity: Creating a New Global Architecture that Serves People and Planet
Molly Scott Cato and Mary Mellor

Amit Jyoti Sen

How might the invisible hand handle electronic money?
Shann Turnbull

Bubbles in Real State Markets: the case of Brazilian Northeastern Coastline
Márcia Maria de O. Bezerra, André Luíz Correa, Maria do Livramento Miranda Clementino and Ana Rosa Ribeiro de Mendonça

The diversity of social protection systems in developing countries: A multidimensional statistical analysis
Matthieu Clément

Political Economy and the Social Disciplines: The modern life of Das Adam Smith Problem.
William Dixon and David Wilson

Postcrisis Global Economy.
Anton Filipenko

The Necessity of Reforming the International Monetary System
Fernando Ferrari-Filho

Labour Values and the Theory of the Firm  Part I: The Competitive Firm
Klaus Hagendorf

A Simulation of Income distribution based a Marxist based Accumulation model: Projection of Future Trends
Victor Kasper

Rethinking Efficiency in the Foreign Exchange Market. Policy Implications for the Global Financial System
by Neophytos Kathitziotis

From Marx to Levinas: an Antihumanist Ethics
Serap Ay?e Kayatekin and Jack Amariglio

Democratic Institutions and Environment Quality : Effect and Channel Transmissions
Kinda Somlanaré Romuald

Recollecting Kalecki's studies of the US economy
Julio López

Exporting growth: how recycling changes the distributive effects of international trade
Robbert Maseland

The Irish Crash in Global Context
Terrence McDonough

Some thoughts on Mexican social policy regarding the fight against poverty 1970-1994.
Susana Bertha Merino Martínez and Verónica Villarespe Reyes

The Case for Monetary Diversity
Simon Mouatt

The Circuit of Bank Capital and the Possibility of Crisis: from the Perspective of Marxian Economic Theory
Takashi Saroh

Going through the Crisis: Did Turkey Not Learn Its Lesson From the 2000-2001 Crisis?
Aylin Soydan

Methodological Pluralism in the Analysis of Complex Financial Markets
Mitja Stefancic

A Marxist Modeling of Capitalism, Suggesting Theoretical Over-emphasis on Accumulation of Capital
Paul Zarembka

How to measure the impacts of LBO on employment? The contribution of “matching” methods
Nicolas Bedu

Labour institutions and economic status in employment: elements of an extended international comparative framework
Ela Callorda Fossati

Globalization, informality and nonstandard employment
Françoise Carré and James Heintz

Consumption Demand in Marx and in the Current Crisis
Radhika Desai

Tony Lawson on Orthodox Economics: Math Fetishism or Ideology?
Anders Ekeland

Agriculture and development
Claire Gondard-Delcroix

The Interdisciplinary Perspective in Economics: Implications for Development Policies
Arturo Hermann

Chinese Protectionism, International Reserves and the Sustainability of Global Imbalances
Marc-Antoine Jambu

Informal employment: Two contested policy issues
David Kucera and Leanne Roncolato

Recollecting Kalecki's Studies of the Us Economy
Julio López G and Luis Reyes O.

Bringing heterodox recipes to policymakers: the case of Innovative economic policies for climate change mitigation
Andrew Mearman

Financial crisis and social aspects
Sergio Cabrera Morales

Models of Competition Between Firms: Re-Considering Kaleckian Model
Takashi Ohno

Low agricultural productivity in a monetary economy.
Martin Sauber

Methodological Manifolds: Erkenntnistheorie and the Heterodox Approach
By Hayo Siemsen

Financialisation in Southern European economies
Luigi Orsi and Stefano Solari

The invention of capital in comparative advantage theory
Carmen Suarez

The role of the OECD in the design of macroeconomic and labour market policy: Reflections of a heterodox economist
Martin John Watts

Les Investisseurs Institutionnels Instigateurs D'un Nouveau Modele Actionnariale Français
Driss Agardi and Alain Alcouffe

What is a 'law of motion' in economics? A critique of positivist crisis theory
Alan Freeman

Latin America: Bubbles, Financial Crisis and Problems of Developmen
Alicia Girón

The Depression Has Only Just Begun
Brian Grogan

A Critique of Gossen's Fundamental Theorem of the Theory of Pleasure
Klaus Hagendorf

(Re)productivity as the crucial guideline for a Green New Deal
Stefan Arne Kesting

Christianity versus Alternative Faith Bases: A Parody
Andrew Kliman

Undermining mining: the impact of the financial crisis on the mineral-based economies of Sub-Saharan Africa
Dominik Kopinìnski

Money Manager Capitalism, Capital Flows and Development in Emerging Market Economies: A Post Keynesian-Institutionalist Analysis
Yan Liang

Marx And The Crisis
Nick Potts

Policy Note: THE TROUBLE WITH PENSIONS: Toward an Alternative Public Policy to Support Retirement
Yeva Nersisyan and L. Randall Wray

Exploitation and the Class Struggle
Juan Carlos Cuestas and Bruce Philp

COUNTING POWER The Disaster of the GDP Bottom Line and the Need for Green Accounting
Dirk Philipsen

The causes of the Great Recession: mainstream and heterodox interpretations and the cherry pickers
Michael Roberts

Is Credit Expansion Inimical to Growth? What the Data Show
Prabirjit Sarkar

The Impact of the Global Crisis on Sub-Saharan African Countries: Does Commodity-Dependence Create Poverty Traps?
Alice Sindzingre

The current world crisis, an expression of the instability of capitalism. A Marxist view
Fabien Tarrit

The Circuit Analysis, the Monetary Economy of Production and the Multisectorial Analysis Proposals for a S.N.A. built on income-value A Detransformationof Prices in Values
Bernard Vallageas

Not A Very Greek Tragedy
Jan Toporowski

The Landscape of Contemporary Economics: A Kuhnian Perspective
Samantha Corio

Interspatial price relations and critique of mainstream approach to the monetary union
Tamás Dusek

The role of the state and market in the “after Washington Consensus” development strategies: lessons from recent debates about Latin America
Christophe Ehrhart and Matthieu Llorca

Homo-Economicus or Homo-Neticus - Lessons for Economic Theories from Innovation on the Internet
Anders Ekeland

Intellectual Property rights, assets specificity and strong uncertainty: an approach in terms of institutional form
Alain Herscovici

An Alternative to the Neoliberal Model for the Spread of Net Access to All
Jay Hauben

Where do “impatient” mutual funds invest? A special friendship for large proximate markets and companies with strategic investors
Claude Dupuy, Stéphanie Lavigne And Dalila Nicet-Chenaf

The Explosion of Executive Pay and the Erosion of American Prosperity
William Lazonick

Exchange Rate Misalignments and World Imbalances: A FEER Approach for Emerging Countries
Nabil Aflouk, Jacques Mazier and Jamel Saadaoui

Towards a new socio-technical regime in bio-sourced chemistry and biorefinery
Martino Nieddu, Franck-Dominique Vivien, Estelle Garnier, Audrey-Flore Ngomsik, Bernard Kurek And Christophe Bliard

Mapping the Green Economics School of Economics: Reflections on theories, role, practise, ontology and epistemology
Miriam Kennet, Volker Heinemann, Michelle Suzanne Gale de Oliveira and Graciela Chichilnisky

The Internet Model of Socio-Economic Development and the Emergence of the Netizen
Ronda Hauben

Running out of steam? Manufacturing in Malaysia
Jeff Tan

Entreprises adaptatives, détermination des prix et répartition du revenu dans un modèle macroéconomique multi-agents avec monnaie endogène
Pascal Seppecher

Asymmetric Returns to U.S. Foreign Assets: American Superiority or Accounting Fiction?
Mona Ali

Ecological Economics and the global multi-dimensional crisis
Manuel Angeles, Alba E. Gámez and Antonina Ivanova

Economics for Human Rights
Manuel Couret Branco

Environmental policy instruments for waste prevention in a simulation model of industrial dynamics
Eric BROUILLAT and Vanessa OLTRA

Food price inflation and growth constraints: the Mexican experience
Moritz Cruz, Armando Sánchez and Edmund Amann

A Critique of Gossen's Fundamental Theorem of the Theory of Pleasure
Klaus Hagendorf

Technical progress, economic growth and deindustrialization: the limits of the Kaldorian logic
Alain Herscovici

Subcontracting, Monopsonistic Power And Domination in a Three Sector Stock-Flow C
Jordan Melmiès and Thomas Dallery

Market price to market value – a theoretical bus trip
Vladimir D. Micheletti

Growth and Financial Development: The Role of Institutions Long-term memory in the relationships
Dalila Nicet-Chenaf

World Money: From The Eurodollar to the Sinodollar
Karen Helveg Petersen

Economic Crisis and its impact on Households from a Microeconomic Perspective: the case of a Small Trade-dependent Island.
Taruna Shalini Ramessur

The Crisis: a Conjunctural Problem or the Logic of Global Accumulation?
Rubens R. Sawaya

Un réexamen de la financiarisation de l'économie et de la stabilité de la croissance fondé sur la théorie de la firme de Wood
Laurent Cordonnier and Franck Van de Veld

What's Still Important about the L.A. School in the Twenty-first Century (Learning from Dallas-Fort Worth)
Enid Arvidson

Is neo-liberalism under attack in brazil? Lula's response to the economic crisis
Pedro C. Chadarevian and José Marcos Novelli

Transaction Frequency, Institutional Context And The Agent-Steward Continuum
Apalak Khatua

Does Education Really Matter For Environment Quality?
Kinda Somlanaré Romuald

Les esprits animaux ont-ils besoin d'informations ? Portrait de l'entrepreneur en capitaine Achab
Michaël Lainé

Production Segmentation: Economic, Social And Institutional Change
Isaac Minian

Intentional action and economic evolution
Félix-Fernando Muñoz, María-Isabel Encinar and Carolina Cañibano

Bringing heterodox recipes to policymakers: the case of Innovative economic policies for climate change mitigation
Valentino Piana

The Mexican transnational firms, theory and practice. Today and tomorrow
Gustavo Vargas Sánchez

Building Sustainable Communities on Ecological Principles
Shann Turnbull