AHE 2009 Conference Papers

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Non-Refereed Papers

Has Mercantilism Reduced Urban Poverty in SSA? Boom, bust and the China-Africa trade in Lomé and Bamako
Michal Lyons and Alison Brown

Globalisation, the financial crisis and petty production in India’s socially regulated informal economy
Barbara Harriss-White

An Anticapitalist Heterodoxy or a Mitigation Heterodoxy?
Alberto Martinez-Delgado

Pluralism in Economics: from epistemology to hermeneutics
Paolo Gala, Taiz Virginia Marques Correa, Bernardo Stuhlberger Wjuniski

Doing Dissenting Economics in the Periphery: The Political Economy of Maria da Conceição Tavares
Roger Andrade and Renata Carvalho Silva

“A maximising-minimising kind of guy”: Paul Krugman gets his ‘Nobel’
Hugh Goodacre

The firm theory in out-of-equilibrium processes of change and the sustainable development
Gustavo Vargas Sanchez

X-inefficiency: Inside the Interorganizational Network
Amit Jyoti Sen and Apalak Khatua

Options for rebuilding the economy and the financial system
Shann Turnbull

Back to C19th Business as Usual: a Surprise?
Nick Potts

Right persons in right places? Entrepreneurs’ social networks and their members’ attributes in African informal economy
Jean-Phillippe Berrou and Francois Combarnou

Multiple Reform Agendas and the African Street: An emerging legal pluralism?
Michal Lyons and Alison Brown

Articulation of informal financial practices and institutional microfinance by low income individuals
Marthe Nyssens and Pierre-Germain Umuhire

Who do Heterodox Economists Think they are?
Andrew Mearman

What is Orthodox Economics?
Gary Mongiovi

The misuse of probability theory in economics
Tamas Dusek

A Model of the Fuzzy Measure of Value
Konstantin Kovalchuk

Size effects in financial ratios: the probabilistic political economy perspective
Julian Wells

Ricardo to Keynes: the independent labourer as key explanation of changes in economic thought
William Dixon

Reconsidering the 'L-shaped aggregate supply curve'
James Forder

Keynes after the General Theory and the current recession
Dipak Ghosh

Two ways to reach European full employment using modes of soft macroeconomic policy coordination within the EMD
Toralf Pusch

Employment Cycles, Low Income Work and the Dynamic Impact of Minimum Wages. A Macro Perspective
Peter Flaschel, Alfred Greiner, Camille Logeay and Christian Proano Acosto,

Guido Tortorella Esposo,Low wages, private indebtedness and crisis:  a monetary theory of production approach
Guglielmo Forges Davanzati

How Economics Forgot Land (And Rediscovered It)
James Hunter and Ioana Negru

Sustainability and Land Ethic
Maria de Fátima Ferreiro

Pluralism in Economics Education
Andy Denis

Teaching Heterodox Economics in Principles of Micro
Karl Petrick

Boulding’s Welfare Approach of Communicative Deliberation
Stefan Kesting

Not irrational but habitual: the importance of “behavioural lock-in” in energy consumption
Kevin Marechal

A typology of Scarcity, Abundance, and Sufficiency
Adel Daoud

The role of strategic health impact assessment in sustainable development
Michael Joffe

The Importance of Human Rights, Agency and Institutional Issues in Achieving Sustainable Economic Development in Developing Countries
Michael Johnson

Magdoff-Sweezy and Minsky on the Real Subsumption of Labour to Finance
Riccardo Bellofiore and Joseph Halevi

The crises in the financial regulation of the finance-led capitalism: a Minskyan analysis
Simone Deos and Ana Rosa Mendonca

Reclaimed by the Mainstream? Hyman Minsky and the Global Credit Crunch
Anastasia Nesvetailova

Marxian Social Accounting and Modeling: A Social Accounting Matrix Approach
Erik Olsen

Epistemological problems and ontological solutions: Bhaskar’s renewal of Marxist philosophy of science
Brian O’Boyle and Terrence McDonough

Capital Flight or Volatile Financial Flows: which one is the best indicator to measure Brazilian External Vulnerability?
Vanessa da Costa Val Munhoz

Latin American Banking System and the Financial Crisis
Alicia Girón

Modeling and Classifying Financial Crises: A Schematic Approach
John Harvey

Energy market liberalisation and fuel poverty in Britain. Can competitive markets for essential utility services advance socially just outcomes?
Alan Hutton,

Reconsidering the Labour Theory of Value
Gleb Borisov

The Concept of Scarcity and its Implication on Human Behaviour: a Religious Perspective
Amir Wahbalbari

International Trade Policy and Global Growth: A Structuralist-Keynesian Perspective
Porcile and Cimoli

Measuring Labour Value: 1988-2006 Turkish Economy
Yigit Karahanogullari

The Swedish Welfare Model: A heterodox perspective
Daniel Ankarloo

Sustainable Flexicurity Capitalism and Marx's Analysis of Capitalism
Sigrid Luchtenberg and Peter Flaschel

Public Policies and the Middle Class throughout the World in the Mid 2000s
Steven Pressman

Determining capitalism’s prospects for sustainable development: A régulationist approach
Lynne Chester

Heterodoxy of Islamic Economics and its Vision of Sustainable Development
Shamim Ahmad Siddiqui

Proposed Basis for Narrative-Grounded Economics
Jeffrey Turk

Greening the Economy
Miriam Kennett

The Institutional Analysis of the Market and Its Links with Green Economics
Arturo Hermann

Indian Currency and beyond: The Legacy of the Early Economics of Keynes in the Times of Bretton Woods II
Anna Carabelli and Mario Cedrini

A Post-Keynesian Critique of New Institutional Economics with Insights on Sustainability
Andrew Fischer

Post-Keynesian economics, uncertainty and sustainable development
Jesper Jespersen

Neoricardian Theory and the Measurement of Prices of Production: An Alternative Approach
Roberto Veneziani, Peter Flaschel, Reiner Franke

Statistical Correspondence of Market Prices and Prices of Production in the German Economy
Nils Froehlich

Heterodox Production and Cost Theory of the  Business Enterprise
Fred Lee

Which crisis next to the financial crisis: energy, food, climate crisis?
Josef Baum

The Quantum Theory of Marxian Political Economy and Sustainable Development
Dave Hookes

The Bioregional Economy: A Sustainable Approach to Resource Provisioning
Molly Scott Cato

What do you mean: ‘Sustainable’?!
Vinca Bigo

Questionning Sustainable Development
Fabien Tarritt

Selected Institutional, Post-Keynesian and Socio-psychological Constructs
Robert Brazelton

The Possibility of a Syncretic Institutional Analysis of Corruption
Grimot Nane

Standing on the Shoulders of Galbraith: From Managed Markets to Corporate-Guided Markets
Brendan Sheehan

Keynes's lost battles and the consequences for the crisis
Radhika Desai

Roots of the Current Economic Crisis: The Falling-Rate-of-Profit Tendency, Insufficient Destruction of Capital, and Bubbles
Andrew Kliman

Keynes, financial liberalisation, the rate of interest and the economic crisis
Geoff Tily

Climate change – methodological and political challenges for heterodox economics
Anders Ekeland

The impact of personal beliefs on climate change: A multi-agent climate-economic model
Sylvie Geisendorf

Social Ecological Economics: Understanding the Past to See the Future
Clive Spash

The Resource Curse in Peru
Carmen Cantuarias-Villessuzanne and Patrick Point

Exchange rate and Sustainable development in Argentina
Julio Eduardo Fabris, Pablo Julio López and José Villadeamigo

Changing practices, policies and consciences for water sustainability: the case of civil society initiatives in Guatemala and El Salvador

 From Agents to Large Actors and back: Formalised story-telling of emergence and exit in political economy
Hardy Hanappi, Wolfgang Radax, Manuel Wäckerle

Institutional Economics Modeling
Evgeny Popov

Can Sequential and Non-dualistic Interpretation of Marx’s Monetary thought be Synthesized with the Post-Keynesian Endogenous Money
Simon Mouatt

Money, Markets and Climate Change
Shann Turnbull

A Model of Self-organization and Sustainable Development of the Global System
Dmitry Chistilin

No Idea of Sustainability? The Micro-, Meso- and Macro-levelof an Economical, Social, and Environmental Experiment
Andres Exenberger

Globalisation and the convergence to US-style industrial relations? German and US affiliates in the UK in comparison
Arne Heise

Reclaiming Pax Americana:  Reconfiguring the Role of the U.S. Military and State after the Postwar Social Structure of Accumulation
Anita Dancs

Can the continual boom/bust of the financial and real estate markets be considered sustainable development?
Phil Anderson

Distributive Cycles, Business Fluctuations and the Wage- led / Profit-led Debate
Mamadou Bobo Diallo, Proano Christian, Peter Flaschel and Timo Teuber

Growth Cycles and the Financial Instability Hypothesis
Piero Ferri, Anna Maria Variato

Keynes and the Economics of Enough
Victoria Chick and Rogerio Studart

Contingent Keynesians and the Current Crisis
Prabhat Patnaik

Investing in Civilization
Alan Freeman