AHE 2007 Conference Papers

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??th out of 30: The USA and 56 Social-Economic Indicators
Edward Fullbrook

Pareto optimal Sinking in the Climate Change or Redistribution – The “Brazil Proposal” and Equity Concepts for Burden Sharing of Mitigation Activities on Climate Change
Josef Baum

Globalisation and the Changing Power Relations among Intra-State Institutions: How to Understand Central Bank Independence?
Ümit Akçay

War Economies and Natural Resources: The Visible Arm of Capitalist Globalisation
Claude Serfati

The Changing Economics of Security
Paul Dunne

Doing Lifeworld Economics: an Example from Slovenia
Jeffrey Turk

Grounded theory and the study of retirement savings: A case study of broadening methods applied to economic research projects
Therese Jefferson

The challenge the Whigs never answered - the stability of general equilibrium
Anders Ekeland

Desensitising history by numbers: from William Petty to today
Hugh Goodacre

Marx’ four solutions to the problem of heterogeneous labour
Anders Ekeland

The theory of the firm: A comparative analysis between the labour theory of value and the post‑keynesian theory
Gustavo Vargas Sánchez

World Systems Theory and classical imperialism: what can they tell us about India and China?
Amit Jyoti Sen

The capitalist development of China and Latin America
Joseph Halevi

Pluralism in action: A Marxian (Althusserian) Overview, Issues of Theory and Politics
Dimitris Sotiropoulos

Gifts and Markets: A Pluralist Perspective
Ioana Negru,

What is Path Dependence and what to Do with It?
Altug Yalçintas

Growth Cycles in Latin America and Developing Countries
Adriana Moreira Amado, Frederico G. Jayme, Jr, and Marco Flávio
da Cunha Resende

Veblen’s and Commons’s contributions to the institutional analysis of the market
Arturo Hermann

Why ‘clever students… are at a loss about linkages: between economics and the economy’
Oleg Ananyin

Evolutionary Keynesian Macroeconomics
Christopher Niggle

Endogenous Preferences and Relational Dynamics: A Co-evolutionary Model
Michele Biavati

The Theory of Power of Herbert Simon
Rouslan Koumakhov

Evaluating Stephen Zarlenga’s interpretation of the Marxist and Keynesian view of money
Simon Mouatt

Religions and Relations of Production
Joergen Sandemose

Capitalism, Imperialism, Development: A Marxist Discussion
John Milios

The Future of Pluralism in the UK and beyond:Research Assessment and pluralism
Paul Dunne

Teaching Quality Assessment and pluralism
Alan Freeman

Evolutionary model of Schumpeterian competition on a multi-level network
Alexey Ponomarev

The incompatibility of prolonged technical change and competition: concurrence and the socialisation of entrepreneurial losses through inflation
Geert Reuten

Value(s) as the ground of theoretical convergence between the contemporary approaches of well-being
Alexandre Bertin and Ali Douai,

Utility Comparison and Hierarchical needs: Bringing Maslow into the world of Economics
Craig B. McLaren

Widening the economic approach to hatred
Sam Cameron

The case against nuclear power
Jack Reardon,

Heterodox economics Economics and plurality: Concepts and methodology in Green Economics
Miriam Kennet,

La Belle France: Brenner’s Other and Wallerstein’s World
Henry Heller,

The Whiggish Foundations of Marxian and Sraffian Economics
Andrew Kliman

Transfiguration and Death: Keynes’ Monetary Theory
Geoff Tily and Vicky Chick

In Search of a 'crude fancy of childhood' : Revisiting mercantilism as a myth
Jerome Blanc

Unemployment Policies and Neo-liberalism in China
Feng Xu

The Role of the State in the Development of the Indian IT Industry: A Heterodox Interpretation
Jyoti Saraswati

Unproductive Activity and Endogenous Technological Change in a Marxian Model of Economic Growth
Erik Olsen

Trying to help rescue value for everyone
Nick Potts

Does Rational Choice Explain Corruption & Its Persistence Adequately?
Grimot Nane

Risk, policy, and coexistence equilibrium
Hsieh Hsih-Chia and Pei-Gin Hsieh,National

The modernity of backwardness
Alan Freeman

World Money and the End of US Imperialism
Radhika Desai

Socialised consumption
Brendan Sheehan

Self-ownership and exploitation
Fabien Tarrit

Power, Political Economy, and Supply Chains: Staples as Media of Power
James Lawson

Imperialism, uneven development and sustainability: A critical evaluation of Marxist and Green perspectives
Pritam Singh

Financial aspects of locational theory: a post – Keynesian approach
Ana Tereza Lanna Figueiredo and Marco Aurélio Crocco

Keynes, the Post-Keynesians, and the Curious Case of Endogenous Money
Geoff Tily

Short-Run Adjustment in a Global Model of Current Account Imbalances
Rudiger von Arnim

Job Quality and the Economics of New Labour: A Critical Appraisal
Andrew Brown, Christopher Forde and David Spencer and Andy Charlwood

A new form of Australian state?
Lynne Chester and Michael Johnson

Marx and Sraffa on the Theory of Value
Bill Lucarelli

The labour theory of value and the double transformation problem
Diego Guerrero

Ludwig M. Lachmann’s Action Theory: Prospects and Problems
Ferudun Yilmaz

Why should I adopt pluralism?
Rogier de Langhe, University of Ghent

Historical background of Rationality: decision-making insights during the Enlightenment.
David Vázquez-Guzmán

The Relation of Morality to Political Economy in Hume
Serap Kayatekin

Imperialism and Marxist Continuity
Brian Grogan

The emerging world: the next 15-25 years
Lucy Badalian

Competition as gravitation: Evidence from the UK
Julian Wells, Kingston University

Profit rate Differentials Since WW2 in Japan
Masahito Sato

Advances on the neoclassical theory of the firm: The Leibenstein and Aoki models compared.
Amit Jyoti Sen

Functional and structural complementarities of banks and microbanks in L.D.Cs
Koffi Sodokin
Bioeconomics: a Path for a De-growth Society:
Georgiana Galiussi

The ‘market’ metaphor and the economics of climate change
Valentin Coja nu