Minutes from the Annual General Meeting, 18th Annual Conference,
Glasgow University, Saturday 9th of July 2016

1. Apologies: N/A

2. Minutes from AGM Southampton 2015.

The 2015 minutes were agreed, proposed by Gary Mongiovi and seconded by Tom Lines. There were no objections to the agenda or to Simon Mouatt (Secretary) taking the minutes. All reports, written and/or oral, have been incorporated into the minutes.

3. Coordinator’s report (Wendy Olsen)

Wendy reported on the drafting of the AHE Research Ethics statement. Wendy also noted that the Facebook Heterodox group removal of post(s) issue (against the spirit of pluralism) raised at the last AGM has been satisfactorily resolved through dialogue with the FB administrator (Payam Sharifi).

4. Financial report (Bruce Cronin)

Association for Heterodox Economics - Financial Report 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016
Decline in membership income despite rise in fee.
Ofsett by increased conference income.
Expenditure lower with only one event, at lower cost with support from Leeds.
£1,600 increase in members' funds.
Bruce Cronin, Treasurer, 7.7.16
Statement of Income and Expenditure Balance Sheet
  2016 2015   30/6/2016 30/6/2015
Income Assets
Membership Dues  1,860.00  2,216.00 * Coop Bank  14,844.79  12,679.32
Donations  90.00  620.20 Paypal  1,342.42  1,649.32
Interest  2.00  12.50 Total Assets  16,187.21  14,328.64
2014 Conference  3,000.00
2015 Conference  3,944.13   Liabilities
Total Income  5,896.13  5,848.70 Website  487.16
PG Workshop  228.00
Expenditure Members' Funds  15,700.05  14,100.64
PG workshop  2,216.61  2,653.72 Total Liabilities  16,187.21  14,328.64
Website  487.16  768.09
Mgmt Committee Expenses  279.90
SOAS Fred Lee Event  579.00
ASSA Stall  100.00
Bank Fees  96.80  143.77 *
Total Expenditure  3,080.47  4,244.58
Surplus(Deficit)  2,815.66  1,604.12
* restated


The report was accepted.
Thanks partly to the efficiency of the Greenwich and Southampton conferences, 2014 and 2015 respectively, the AHE continues in surplus for the year based on income and also retains significant accumulated funds. The Glasgow 2016 conference has also accrued a surplus.

5. Nominations

The following positions were agreed by majority vote:
Joint Coordinators: Wendy Olsen and Thoralf Dassler
Secretary: Simon Mouatt
Treasurer: Bruce Cronin
Website: Anders Eckland
Membership Secretary: Alan Freeman (aided by Neil Lancastle)
Joint Student Liason Officers: Cahal Moran and Zach Ward-Perkins

It was also agreed that Steve Keen, Jamie Morgan and Ioana Negru (in8@soas.ac.uk) be added to committee list and for Neil Lancastle to be approached and asked to be an additional student liason officer.

6. Early Career Prizes

Joe Earle, Cahal Moran and Zach Ward-Perkins: Undergraduate Economics Education in the UK: Evidence from seven top universities.
Glenn Lauren Moore: The Determinants of Rising Household Debt.
Diego Guevara & Apostolos Fasianos: Financialization and Pension Funds Privatization. Lesson from Latin-America in the 90`s decade to the light of the Austerity measures in the Eurozone.
The following paper was also nominated but this was declined as he was not able to attend the conference: Simon Winchester: Ideological Perdition: A model for structural change in the political economy.

7. Post Graduate Workshop (Andrew Mearman)

The postgraduate workshop convener, Andrew Mearman, noted that the 2016 Leeds PG January workshop had been well attended and successful. The 2017 conference will take place in Leeds in January. It was agreed that AHE would provide £2500 to fund travel and accommodation for students, plus some expenses for instructors. Fred Lee’s book is also to be given to participants.

8. Membership report

Following Alan Freeman’s report from last year (discussed in his absence), the committee proposes to continue its email campaign to encourage site and list members who are not conference attendees to pay to become members, thus capturing some proportion of the AHE announce members (684) and Hetecon members (415). The committee also proposes to consider the development of new technology for an integrated AHE membership site i.e. one with automatic reminders for membership expiry and some link between otherwise separate payments systems for membership and conference fee so that both can be done simultaneously (since this is often now conducted through department proxies when institutions pay for attendance). Wendy has also agreed to explore the possibility of institutional memberships (based on particular benefits to the institution and member) in order to access a new revenue source for AHE (the Development Studies Association model was agreed to be investigated by the committee).

9. Webmaster Report

The contract with Nathaniel Brown, for the maintenance of the AHE site, is to continue for a 6 month period (at a $650 fee) whilst the committee considers the possible development of a new (Wordpress or otherwise) website that can incorporate the items mentioned in item 8. Anders is also seeking conference papers prior to 2007 for archiving on the site.

9. 2016 Conference Organisers Report (Robert McMaster)

Bob reported that the Glasgow conference had been a pleasant and successful experience and announced that he expected a financial surplus of approximately £3000 (the committee will further communicate with Bob and Glasgow University regarding monies for AHE). Thoralf agreed to devise a document that outlines the differentiated responsibilities of the AHE conference committee and the conference coordinator at the host university.

10. AOB

Wendy encouraged committee members to consider taking a turn as moderators on the Facebook Heterodox Economics group (and Twitter feeds) on heterodox economics topics.