AHE Annual Conference 2010

The 12th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

The Economy of Tomorrow

University of Bordeaux, France
7–10 July 2010


Hosted by the Research Unit in Theoretical and Applied Economics – GREThA (UMR CNRS 5113)

Long run processes have exacerbated the contradictions of the world economic system leading to a crisis in all spheres including social, political, financial and environmental. The economic crisis that opened in 2008 increases our awareness that economies and societies must change radically in all these spheres in the 21st Century, though views of the changes required, and their depth, will differ. This conference will provide a forum for discussion on current and future changes needed in developed and developing economies in all these spheres. The following areas, closely intertwined in theory and in policy action, are of special interest but this is not an exhaustive list and do not preclude other topics approached with a holistic perspective:

  • Social aspects: for example income distribution, labour markets, pensions, the nature of work, poverty, human development, welfare;
  • Financial aspects: for example financialization, capital mobility, corporate governance, taxes on international monetary transactions, financial innovations and possible reforms;
  • Environmental aspects: for example models of production and consumption, eco-innovations, environmental governance, alleviation or adaptation to global warming, and new cities;
  • North-South relations: for example the trajectories of emerging countries, potential for a new world order, international trade, development aid, development cooperation;
  • The reform of economics: for example pluralism in research and teaching, evaluation and metrics, innovation and creativity, and the relation between economists and decision-makers.


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