AHE Annual Conference 2006

The 8th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Economics, Pluralism, and the Social Sciences

London School of Economics, University College London
14-16 July 2006

London School of Economics, Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences
Kingston University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University College London, Department of Economics, Faculty of the Built Environment

Last year's highly successful AHE conference yielded a stimulating and original range of papers on pluralism in economics, in opposition to the currently non-pluralistic dominance of the neoclassical mainstream.
A striking feature of the conference was the growing interdisciplinary character of the contributions which explored, generally but not exclusively from the standpoint of economics, the relation between economics and other branches of the social sciences. The Eighth Annual Conference will build on this success.


The conference has both a thematic part and an open part.

Economics, Pluralism and the Social Sciences

Economics and its relation to the social sciences as a whole and with respect to its various branches, such as anthropology, development studies, gender and race studies, history, literary studies, management, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology, with papers from both economists and non-economists and from a plurality of perspectives.


Open section
Papers will

  • Apply heterodox economic thought to policy-related issues
  • Examine any aspect of economic theory from the standpoint of another discipline or disciplines in the social sciences or the humanities
  • Critically assess the existing or potential relation, deleterious or positive, between economics and other branches of the social sciences
  • Examine issues or deploy approaches neglected by current economic orthodoxy
  • Critically examine either neoclassical economic orthodoxy, or - in the spirit of pluralism - its heterodox critics
  • Assess the contribution of one or more heterodox approaches towards opening up economics
  • Make a contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning in economics from a heterodox or pluralist perspective


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