AHE Annual Conference 2005

The 7th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Pluralism in Economics

City University, London
15-17 July 2005


The raison d'être of the AHE is the belief that institutions of the discipline of economics systematically discriminate against those economists working in non-mainstream modes: those writing from a heterodox standpoint or active in minority areas. For this reason we argue for pluralism in economics, in opposition to the dead hand of the currently hegemonic neoclassical mainstream.

The Seventh Annual Conference will continue this tradition and build on the success of the previous conferences, held at various locations in the British Isles, including London, Dublin, Leeds and Nottingham. Papers from a plurality of perspectives and topic areas are encouraged. These conferences provide a forum for advancing new ideas on how to take heterodox political economy forward in theoretical and policy debates, and demonstrate the continuing relevance of heterodox political economy to those within and without modern economics.

In particular, we encourage the submission of abstracts of papers, or proposals for a session or stream of sessions, which
- examine issues or deploy approaches neglected by the current orthodoxy;
- develop the critique of the neoclassical orthodoxy, or even - since we advocate pluralism - propose a defence of neoclassicism against heterodox critics;
- assess the contribution of one or more heterodox approaches towards opening up economics;
- open up a dialogue between economics and related social sciences by going beyond the traditional, narrow academic boundaries that define social science disciplines today; or
- make a contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning in economics from a heterodox or pluralist perspective.

The AHE proposes to publish a selection of the best papers presented at the conference in a special volume of the book series Advances in Heterodox Economics, edited by Prof Frederic S. Lee.


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