AHE Annual Conference 2004

The 6th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Opening Up Economics

University of Leeds
16-18 July 2004


The conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics "Opening Up Economics" took place at the University of Leeds, in the UK, July 2004. The conference began at 1:30pm on Friday 16 July, and ended on the afternoon of Sunday 18 July.

The legacy of neoliberalism and challenges of globalisation have led to an increased awareness of the economic across the social sciences and society more generally. In the debates that are emerging, heterodox economists are well-placed to contribute. Open to trans-disciplinary analyses, heterodox economics is able to bring new and progressive perspectives and policies to bear on the pressing economic and social problems facing society.

This conference aimed to respond to such opportunities by opening-up the terrain of economics on two fronts:

First, from within economics. We encourage the submission of papers examining issues and deploying approaches neglected by the current orthodoxy, demonstrating the vitality of heterodox economics and its continued relevance to contemporary social questions.

Second by going beyond the traditional, narrow academic boundaries that define modern 'economics'. We invite papers that encourage dialogue between the various social sciences on a range of contemporary social issues.

Just as popular discontent is increasing about rising inequalities and uncertainties in the global economy, traditional economics is found wanting in providing an adequate understanding or response. In this spirit, the conference provides a forum for advancing new ideas on how to take heterodox political economy forward in theoretical and policy debates. Above all, it aims to demonstrate the continuing relevance of political economy to those within and without modern economics.


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