AHE Annual Conference 2002

The 4th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Dublin City University, Ireland
9-10 July 2002


Branching out from its usual base in the UK, this year's heterodox conference was held at Dublin City University. All Economists came together to hear a diversity of papers on topics not well represented in mainstream economics. Papers from a plurality of perspectives and topic areas were presented, in an event featuring four parallel tracks and two plenary sessions.


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The following abstracts are PDF PDFs from papers that were proposed for the 2002 Conference.

Ian Steedman : Marx After Sraffa (full paper)

Adriana Moreira Amado : Smith and Keynes on the Wage Unit

Rogerio P. Andrade : Dynamics of Conventions: An Evolutionary Analysis

Massimo De Angelis : The Political Economy of Global Governance: a Theoretical Framework

Glen Atkinson : Stabilizing Banker Capitalism

Estrella Trincado Aznar : Individual and Social Rationality in Rosa Luxemburg's System

Ann Bartholemew : Regional Integration, Trade Liberalisation and Intra-industry Trade in Brazil in the 1990s

Michael A Bernstein : American Economists and the 'Marginalist Revolution': Some notes on the historical roots of contemporary orthodoxy

Stanley Bober : Re-implanting Marxian Political Economy

Gerard Boucher : Attached and Detached Universities: Towards Regional Development Systems in the Dublin and Shannon Regions of Ireland

Thomas Boyland and Paschel O'Gorman : Hausman on Methodology: Reclaiming the Empirical

Christopher Brown : Does Income Distribution Matter For Effective Demand? Evidence from the United States

David Burchell : Political Economy and personal ethics: Das Adam Smith Problem Revisited

Etienne Cantin : From Macroeconomic History to Historical Materialism: Rethinking the Great Depression

Claudio Castelo and Branco Puty : Relative Prices and the Trade Cycle: a Classical account of the empirical evidence

Frederique Chaumoint-Chancelier : Entreprenteurship in contemporary institutional dynamics

Robert Chernomas : Is Globalization a Reality, a Tendency or a Rationale for Neoliberal Economic Policies

Grainne Collins : Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: When Companies Marry

Ann Davis : Pradoxical Property and the Foundations for Development and Finance

Andy Denis : Keynes's methodology and policy prescription

Colette Ding : The state and the visual arts in Ireland

William Dixon : The Social Self in Classical Economy: Adam Smith and the Reverend Chalmers meet G.H. Mead

Alper Duman : Informal Sector: Current Debates and Economic Policy Consequences

Ali Reza Eghbali : Socialism in Iran

Flavio Bezerra de Farias : The financier, the cognitive and the state on a world scale

Nicolas Farvaque and Gilles Raveaud : Responsibility and Employment Policies: a 'Conventionalist' View

John H. Finch and Robert McMaster : A Critical Analysis of Bowles and Ginitis' Post Walrasian Economics Agenda

Alan Freeman : London: A practical testbed for economic theory

Alan Freeman : Marx after Marx after Sraffa

Florent Gabriel : The modernity of Labor Value Theory in Contemporary Capitalism of the New Economy

Angela Ganem : Hayek's Rules: spontaneous or necessary?

Stephanie Gaudron : Democratization in latin America

Gloria Martínez González : National Differences in Rate of Surplus-value. A comparative study between Mexico and other countries

Diego Guerrero : Competitiveness and underdevelopment: a heterodox view

Gulay Gunluk-Senesen : Globalization and Arming the Turkish Case

Joseph Halevi : The destruction of a currency by means of hyperdeflation: the Argentinian case

Jocken Hardwig : Trying to make sense of the principle of effective demand

A Haroon : A crouching tiger? A hidden tiger? Transition, savings and growth in Vietnam, 1975-2006

Kevin Heanue : A Strategic Approach to Rural Repopulation

Kevin Heanue and David Jacobson : The Changing Competitiveness of the Irish Furniture Industry

Rachel Hilliard and David Jacobson : Locational Differences in the Response of Pharmaceutical Companies to Environmental Regulation in Ireland

Frances Hutchinson and Brian Burkitt : From Full Employment to Full Empayment: A Review of Income Distribution Mechanisms

Alan Hutton and David Donald : Globalism, Ideology and the 'Satisfactory life'

Sergio Camara Izquierdo : A Value-Oriented distinction between Productive and unproductive labour

Jesper Jespersen : Keynes, 'The Quantity Theory of Money' and some lessons for today

James Juniper : A Keynesian Critique of Recent Applications of Risk-Sensitive Control Theory in Macroeconomics

Elish Kelly : Analysing the Concentration of Economic Activity: Application to Artists in the Western Visual Arts Market

John Kemp : Consumption externalities, spontaneous change and unpredictability

J E King : Lament for Economics, or How Barbara Wootton gave it all away and became a sociologist

Martijn Konings : Theorizing money and institutions

Romain Kroes : Genesis of three economic dogmas and future of their reappraisals

Robert M. LaJeunesse : The Economic Rationality of Teenage Pregnancy in Light of Age-Earnings Profiles

Fred Lee : Neoclassical Microeconomic Theory: Should Heterodox Economists Accord it any Respect?

Sandrine Leloup : Economic Development and moral behaviour: does the road to virtue cross the road to fortune? Adam Smith's analysis

Noemi Levy and Guadalupe Mantey : Fiscal dependence of the independent central bank in an emerging economy with oligopolistic banking

Iara Vigo de Lima Onate : Thinking about economic discourse: modernism and post-modernism as epistemes

Nadia Lisovskaya : General and particular in economic transformation of ex-socialist countries

Eduardo Loria : The External Constraints to Mexico's Economic Growth. An Analysis of Productive Branches, 1980-1999

D W MacKenzie : Efficiency Concepts in the History of Political Economy

Yahya Mete Madra : Towards an incalculable yet culpable subjhect: A critique of the notions of the human subject in the discipline of economics

Michele Di Maio : Technological Gaps, De-Industrialization and Catching Up: Is the Chilean Case a Paradox?

Mohammad Maljoo : The Genealogy of the Dominant Economic Discourse in today Iran

Daniel McCoy : Matching Standards of Living with Quality of Life Concerns for a Transition Economy: The Case of Ireland

Terrence McDonough : What Does Long Wave Theory Have to Contribute to the Globalization Debate?

Siobhan McGovern : Dealing with anomalies to the efficient markets hypothesis: can casual holism help financial economists?

Judith Mehta : The Culture of Economics/The Economics of Culture

Paul Mearman : On the Nature of Open Systems and Open Systems Theorists

Vladimit Micheletti : Family: here lies the future

Frederic Morand : What substitute for direct payments? Learning implications and opportunities of the Common Agricultural Policy reform

Adriana Sonia Neligan : Economic behaviour of subsidised non-profit performing arts organisations: an econometric analysis of theatre repertiore in England

Anastasia Nesvetailova : Fitting into the Global Credit System: Virtual Capitalism and the Economy of Non-Payments in Russia

Edward J. O'Boyle : Classical Economics and the Great Famine in Ireland: A Study in Limits

Fuat Oguz : Practical Knowledge and Economic Growth: A Hermeneutical Study of the Economic Growth Processes

Wendy Olsen : Case Study of the Use of Questionnaires in Research Ghanaian Small-Scale Industry

Wendy Olsen : Dialectical Triangulation and Empirical Research

Ozlem Onaran and Engelbert Stockhammer : Two Different Export-oriented Growth Strategies under a Wage-led Accumulation Regime: a la Truce and a la South Korea

Jose Luis Oreiro : Accumulation Regimes, Macroeconomic Structure and Capacity Utilization

Dorron Otter, Karl Petrick and Brendan Sheehan : A Perspectives Based Approach to Teaching Economics

Eyup Ozveren : The Lessons of Polanyi and Chayanov for the Conception of the Informal Sector

Victor Pelaez : Biopower and Institutions: the Struggles on the Regulatory Process of Biotechnology

Karl Petrick and Brendan Sheehan : The management of Specific Demand - Galbraith Revised and Revised

Juan Luis Millan Pereira and Alberto Montero Soler : Budgetary stability and economic growth: a comparative analysis

Bruce Philp : Reduction, Rationality and Competition: Exploring Game-Theoretic Marxism

Nick Potts : To Whose Value is the Euro?

John Poxon : Is Marxist Theory Still Relevant to Contemporary Education?

Dwijen Rangnekar : A critical appraisal of the economic impact of plant variety protection

Gilles Raveaud : The European Employment Strategy: Governance Against the 'European Social Model'?

Ananya Mukherjee Reed : Knowledge, Work and Human Development: What Technology Can and Cannot Do

Darryl Reed : Firms, Governance and Development in the New Economy: Examining the Alternatives for Marginalized Communities

Ingrid Rima : The Operational Role of Functional Finance for Labor Market Behavior and Outcomes

Paolo Robitti : Agency and Practice in the Explanations of Financial Markets. The Case of Hedge Funds

Ardeshir Sepehir and Saeed Moshiri : Inflation-Growth profiles Across Countries: Evidence from Developing and Developed Countries

Ajit Sinha : Reading Sraffa: The Philosophical Underpinnings of Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities

Riccardo Soliani : From the Theory of Value to the Debate about Debouches: A Comparison Between Say and Malthus

Aylin Soydan : Money Supply Endogeneity: An Analysis of a Small Open Economy

Iliyan Stefanov : An Economic Aspect of the Public Private Partnership Policy

Engelbert Stockhammer : Shareholder value and the finance-dominated accumulation regime

Turan Subasat : A Political Economy Critique of the Racardian Comparative Advantage Theory

Luc Tardieu : Knowledge, ability and entrepreneurs: the cognitive underpinnings of entrepreneurship

Nicola Mostyn Taylor : On Reading Capital as a Monetary Theory of Production

Noel Thompson : Post-Fordist socialism and the apotheosis of the consumer in British socialist thought

Mikel Gomez Uranga : While mainstream economics despises ethics, heterodox economics should enhance it

Pietro Vertova : On foreign debt sustainability of developing countries: a new approach

Barbara Wejnert : Diffusion of Democracy and Market Economy in the World Gender Challenges

Julian Wells : Modelling profit-rate distributions using L-moments

Richard Weston : Towards a Realist Theory of Market Sector Housing Production

Rick Wicks : Should Economists Care about Community

David Wilson and William Dixon : The Social Self in Classical Economy: Adam Smith and the Reverend Chalmers meet G.H. Mead

George Wright : An Abstract by Technocracy Inc. - Scientific Functional Governance for North America

Carlos E F Young : Mr. Keynes and the environment: the concept of user cost and its use in the green accounting debate

Paul Zamembka : Lenin as Economist of Production, A Ricardian Step Backwards