AHE Annual Conference 2001

The 3rd Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Open University Conference Centre, London
7-8 July 2001


Building upon the success of last year's conference, economists came together to hear a diversity of papers on topics not well represented in mainstream economics.


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The following abstracts are PDF PDFs from papers that were proposed for the 2001 Conference.

Arlete Maria da Silva Alves : Elements of the Modernization, Dependency, and World System Theories and Alternative Approaches to Development

Arlete Maria da Silva Alves : Work Opportunities for Women: NGO’s Support to Microenterprises

Adriana Moreira Amado : Regional Impacts of the Internationalization of Financial Systems: The Case of Mercosul

Rogerio Andrade : Interpreting Brazilian Inflation: Monetarists, nertialists and Keynesians

Massimo De Angelis : The Panopticon (Foucault), market freedom (Hayek) and global capital

Wagner Leal Arienti, Pedro Antonio Vieira : A New Meaning for Heterodox Economics: a view from the periphery

Jose Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo : Poverty and the Minimum Wage: An old debate revisited with updated literature

Alejandro Valle Baeza : Uneven development and price competitiveness

Benjamin Bastida, M.Teresa Virgili : Labour market perspectives in the Central East European (CEE) countries in the context of the European Union (EU) enlargement

Alexandra Bernasek : In Search of a Feminist Post-Keynesian Perspective on Gender and Risk

John Cameron, Tidings P Ndhlovu : Resistance to neo-classical economics in India: some considerations of the principles of Hinduism

Rosaria Rita Canale : Autonomous Demand And Conflictual Distribution: A Simple Model To Describe Monetary Economies

Elton Eustaquio Casagrande : Investment and Financing in Brazil

Gemma Cairo i Cespedes, Javier Martinez Peinado : Human development from a gender perspective: the case of Spain

W.P. Cockshott : Realisation Crises and the Polarisation of Capital

Aod Cunha de Moraes : The Efficiency Concept in the New Institutional Economics

Aod Cunha de Moraes : Uncertainty and Rationality in the Modern Macroeconomics

Colin Danby : Bad Dichotomies: Moving beyond the gift/exchange distinction

Ann Davis : "What Do Women Want?" To Be or to Have (Property)

Michael Dietrich, Iona Tarrant : The Culture of the Firm

Paul Downward : Globalisation and Effective Demand Management

Aurelia Mane-Estrada : Oil Market in the Framework of Globalisation: Transnationalisation and Power Concentration

Clark Everling : Marx and Political Economy

Nelson H. Barbosa-Filho : The balance-of-payments constraint on small open economies: from gap models to financial fragility

John H. Finch : On Emergence, Selection and Levels of Analysis. An Investigation of Some Dimensions of Economic Sociology

Peter Flaschel : The Macrodynamics of Debt Deflation

Peter Flaschel : Textbook Stagflation Theory and Beyond

Alan Freeman : The current recession: an empirical study of the world economy using labour-time values

Alan Freeman : Economic orthodoxy as religion: the scientific case for critical, evidence-based and pluralist political economy

Henrike Galarza : Immaterial Currencies and Foreign Payments: the monetary circuits

Francesco L. Galassi : Dr Pangloss, I presume? Functionalism and the Evolution of Institutions: Seven centuries of Italian sharecropping contracts, 821 to 1517 AD

Angela Ganem : Economy and Philosophy: Conflict and Explanation in Adam Smith's Work

Grazia Ietto-Gillies : Fuzzy boundaries, networks and firms' objectives. A framework of analysis

David Gleicher : A Taxonomy of Repeated Game Applications

Jochen Hartwig : Three views of the multiplier

Lynn A. Hatch : Is it Exit or Voice or Exit and Voice? L:abor Turnover in Unionized and Nonunionized Child-Care Centers in the United States

Penelope Hawkins : Identifying constraints in economic theory

P. Sai-wing Ho : Progress or Misplaced Emphasis? A Critical Re-examination of the Trade and Welfare Literature as the Foundation for Development through Trade Liberalization

Alan Hutton : Privatised Utilities and the Public Purpose: Some Issues in the UK Energy Sector

Makoto Itoh : Is the capitalist market economy peaceful and gender-neutral?

Ioannis Ivrissimtzis : Circularity and Formal Dialectic Theories

David Jacobson : The Evolution of Networks: Are Suppliers of Software Companies in Ireland Sources of Innovation or Providers of Outsourced Commodities?

Nikolaos Karagiannis : Key economic and politico-institutional elements of modern intervention: A post-Keynesian synposis

Michael Keaney : Charles A. Beard and American Institutionalism

John Kemp : An Alternative approach to Consumption Incorporating Spontaneous Change, Unpredictability and Consumption Externalities - A Dynamic Approach to Consumer Choice

Nozomi Kichiji, Makoto Nishibe : Complex adaptive system simulation by the heterogeneous multilayered adjustment firms

Jim Kincaid : Exchange rates in recent Marxist political economy

Douglas Kinnear, Terrel Gallaway : You Can't Always Get What You Want: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Internet Music Downloading on the Music Consumption Habits of Young Listeners

Andrew J. Kliman : The Reproduction Schema as an Unbalanced Growth Model

Noemi Levy : The effects of pension funds on investment funding and economic growth in Mexico, Pension funds as capital market stabilizers: an inquiry on the Mexican case, Pension funds prudential regulation: a tool for stabilization and industrial policies in emerging economies

Ann Z. Li : Toward a heterodox approach to the economics of information

Gerson Lima : Supply and Demand: A New Model for an Old Theory

Antonio Carlos Macedo : Say’s Law, the principle of effective demand, and "equilibrism"

Marco Musella, Michele Mosca : The Full Employment As A Target of Economic Policy

Mariana Mazzucato : The Effect of Idiosyncratic Events on the Feedback between Firm Size and Innovation

Siobhain McGovern : The Role of Political Economy in the Development of the Irish Economy: The Debate on Poor Relief for Ireland 1828-1838

Robert McMaster : The Process of Market-Orientation in the UK's National Health Service: The Need For A New Research Agenda

Judith Mehta : An In-alienable Narrative? Property Rights in China and the West

Vladimir Domingos Micheletti : Economics, mathematics, "defect on reasoning" and Chaos

Basil Moore : Saving is the Accounting Record of investment

Martin Myant : The causes of the slow growth of the Czech economy, 1990-2000

Henrique D Neder, Darcilene C Gomes : Evolution of Urban and Rural Poverty in the Decade of 90

Michiya Nozaki : Money, Business Cycle, and Institutional Change

M. Teresa R. de Oliveira : Some Features of the British Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century Brazil

Wendy Olsen : Economic Theory and Diverse Economic Agents in Rural Credit Markets

Paul Omerod, Craig Mounfield : Power Law Distribution of Duration and Magnitude of Recessions in Capitalist Economies: Breakdown of Scaling

Ozlem Onaran : The Effect of Structural Adjustment Policies on Labour Demand: The Case of Turkey

Jose Luis Oreiro : Capital Accumulation, Multiple Equilibrium and Path Dependence A post keynesian endogenous growth model

Elizabeth Oughton, Jane Wheelock, Susan Baines : Understanding Insecure Livelihoods: Adapting SEN’S Capabilities Model To The Small Business Household

Luiz F R Paula, Antonio J Alves Jr : Banking behaviour and Margins of Safety in a Minskyan Business Cycle

Luiz F. R. Paula : Banking Behaviour and Margins of Safety in a Minskyan Business Cycle

Nick Potts : Inflation, Money and the Temporal Single System

John Poxon : Title to be confirmed

L. Randall Wray : Money and Inflation

Dwijen Rangnekar : An Appeal for the Commons: Public Plant Breeding in an Era of Privatisation

Ramon Ribera : Globalisation, the State and Neoliberal Strategies: Reconstructing the State in a Global World

Ingrid H. Rima : Revisiting Minsky's "Wall Street Perspective"

Maria de Lourdes Rollemberg, Adriana Moreira Amado : Globalization and Economic Blocs: Theoretical Elements and Economic Policy Implications

Rozmainsky I. V. : Toward A Post-Keynesian Theory of Shadow Economy

James E Sawyer : The Postmodern Character of Capital

Pat Shaw, Prof M C Howard : Economic Theory and Violent Conflict

Dr Herbert Schui : Is the mature economy thesis obsolete?

Luciana Rosa De Souza, Arlete Maria Da Silva Alves : Local Development in the Context of Globalization

Rogerio Sobreira : Derivatives and Monetary Policy

Engelbert Stockhammer, Ozlem Onaran : Testing a post-Keynesian macro model

Graham F Thompson : Are there any limits to "Globalization"? International Trade, Capital Flows and Borders

Geoff Tily : Keynes's message: cheap money

Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez : Challenges of the Latin American States at the turn of the New Millennium

Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez : The Economic and Political Transition of the Mexican State in the Threshold of Twenty First Century: From the Entrepreneurial State to the State of Entrepreneurs

Christel Vivel : The fiction of the "pure entrepreneur": the essence of the Austrian middle ground borrowed from Schumpeter

Martin Watts : Gender Segregation by Occupation in Britain, the USA and Australia at the end of the 20th Century: Are There Common Trends?

Geoff Whittam, Prof. Mike Danson : Time for Redistribution of Income: The Case for a Scottish Service Tax

Christina Xalma : Plan and Market: An Option for Equity? Lessons from the Cuban case

Nobuharu Yokokawa : From Bureaucratic Capitalism to Transnational Capitalism

Alberto Zamora Zubiria : Payment of wages as monetary creation