Joint AFEE/AHE sessions at the 17th Annual AHE Conference
Southampton Solent University

July 2-4th 2015

The Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) and the Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE) jointly host a session at the Annual AHE Conference in Southampton in agreement with the Coordinator and Management Committee.

The general topic of the session(s) was:

Institutional Harm and the Potential for Change”

In this session, and in conformity with the conference’s general themes, the focus was on the examination of potentially damaging institutions; those whose economic benefits are dubious, whose contribution to social welfare is questionable, and whose ethical practices remain often unexamined. For example, the tax practices of MNCs, the social welfare implications of financialization etc. Both theoretical and applied papers were invited, including those that consider possibilities of change, which might generate new patterns of thinking, institutional changes, and the potential for growth and well-being.

Not all presenters at the Joint AFEE/AHE sessions need to be members of AFEE, but if two submissions are considered equivalent after reviewing, then AFEE members will be given priority.